The staff is the lifeblood of a company's potential and success. We are a team of esports/gaming/media experts and our goal is to ensure that we put our efforts and expertise into delivering the best possible results. We have the know-how when it comes to the gaming industry, we're constantly ensuring that our influencers deliver a clean content and that our projects generate fruitful rewards for all parties involved, including both our partners and our great community.

The Lead

Alexandru Ion

Marketing, entrepreneurship, vision. These are the 3 words that best describe Alexandru Ion. He was the driving force behind our project when we started it and he remains as such to this day. He's constantly expanding his knowledge and business prowess and we can always count on him for guidance and advice. Sometimes he's making moves in the big leagues, sometimes he's enjoying a giant cappuccino while playing World of Warcraft and sometimes we don't know where he is. One thing is for sure, he is always Alexandru Ion, and that's no easy task.

Jad Al Zu’Bi

A big figure in the Nexus Media team, Jad is the man with the technical know-how and the elbow grease required to successfully deliver a project. Incredibly hard working, quiet and assertive, he's always making sure that we're one step ahead in the game when it comes to the methods and technology we use. You can always count on him spending a few sleepless nights editing videos, creating assets and ensuring things are always in the right place.

Octav “ang” Cretu

Every company needs a leader, every kingdom needs a king and every project needs a vision. Octav is the main man behind our project, the man of ideas, the man of action and the man of the people all into one. He is the one we rely on for new ideas and for measuring success. Always staying humble and true to his roots as a gamer, he provides support, guidance and he's a massive inspiration to all of us.

The Crew

Vlad Deaconescu


Neacşu Mihai


Markel Armas


Alexandru Morari

Sound Engineer

Alexandru Simionescu

Technician and VideoCrew

Alexandru Dragomir


Ioniceanu Robert

GFX Designer

Liviu Vulpescu

Leading video editor & creative director

Bogdan Pana

Leading director of photography

Glodeanu Mihai

Editor video

Ioan Tiberiu

Project Manager

Alexandru Constantin

Observer & Admin

Marian Mihai

Instant Replay Operator

Vlad Popescu


Bogdan Dura